Source code for censys.common.config

"""Interact with the config file."""
import configparser
import os
from pathlib import Path

HOME_PATH = str(Path.home())
CENSYS_PATH = os.path.join(HOME_PATH, ".config", "censys")
CONFIG_PATH = os.path.join(CENSYS_PATH, "censys.cfg")

default_config = {
    "api_id": "",
    "api_secret": "",
    "asm_api_key": "",
    "color": "auto",

[docs]def get_config_path() -> str: """Returns the path to the config file. Returns: str: Path to config file. """ alt_path = os.getenv("CENSYS_CONFIG_PATH") if alt_path: return alt_path return CONFIG_PATH
[docs]def write_config(config: configparser.ConfigParser) -> None: """Writes config to file. Args: config (configparser.ConfigParser): Configuration to write. Raises: PermissionError: If the config file is not writable. """ config_path = get_config_path() if config_path == CONFIG_PATH: if not os.access(HOME_PATH, os.W_OK): raise PermissionError( "Cannot write to home directory. Please set the `CENSYS_CONFIG_PATH` environmental variable to a writeable location." ) elif not os.path.isdir(CENSYS_PATH): os.makedirs(CENSYS_PATH) with open(config_path, "w") as configfile: config.write(configfile)
[docs]def get_config() -> configparser.ConfigParser: """Reads and returns config. Returns: configparser.ConfigParser: Config for Censys. """ config = configparser.ConfigParser(defaults=default_config, default_section=DEFAULT) config_path = get_config_path() if os.path.isfile(config_path): return config