Source code for censys.asm.api

"""Base for interacting with the Censys ASM API."""
# pylint: disable=too-many-arguments
import os
from math import inf
from typing import Iterator, Optional, Type

from requests.models import Response

from censys.common.base import CensysAPIBase
from censys.common.config import DEFAULT, get_config
from censys.common.exceptions import (

[docs]class CensysAsmAPI(CensysAPIBase): """This is the base class for ASM's Seeds, Assets, and Events classes. Args: api_key (str): Optional; The API Key provided by Censys. **kwargs: Arbitrary keyword arguments. Raises: CensysException: Base Exception Class for the Censys API. """ DEFAULT_URL: str = "" """Default ASM API base URL.""" def __init__(self, api_key: Optional[str] = None, **kwargs): """Inits CensysAsmAPI.""" url = kwargs.pop("url", self.DEFAULT_URL) CensysAPIBase.__init__(self, url=url, **kwargs) # Gets config file config = get_config() # Try to get credentials self._api_key = ( api_key or os.getenv("CENSYS_ASM_API_KEY") or config.get(DEFAULT, "asm_api_key") ) if not self._api_key: raise CensysException("No ASM API key configured.") self._session.headers.update( {"Content-Type": "application/json", "Censys-Api-Key": self._api_key} ) def _get_exception_class( # type: ignore self, res: Response ) -> Type[CensysAsmException]: return CensysExceptionMapper.ASM_EXCEPTIONS.get( res.json().get("errorCode"), CensysAsmException ) def _get_page( self, path: str, page_number: int = 1, page_size: Optional[int] = None ) -> Iterator[dict]: """Fetches paginated ASM resource API results. Args: path (str): The API url endpoint. page_number (int): Optional; Page number to begin at when getting results. page_size (int): Optional; Number of results to return per HTTP request. Defaults to 500. Yields: dict: The resource result returned. """ total_pages = inf while page_number <= total_pages: args = {"pageNumber": page_number, "pageSize": page_size or 500} res = self._get(path, args=args) page_number = int(res["pageNumber"]) + 1 total_pages = int(res["totalPages"]) keyword = "assets" if "comments" in path: keyword = "comments" elif "tags" in path: keyword = "tags" elif "subdomains" in path: keyword = "subdomains" yield from res[keyword] def _get_logbook_page( self, path: str, args: Optional[dict] = None ) -> Iterator[dict]: """Fetches paginated ASM logbook API events. Args: path (str): The API url endpoint. args (dict): Optional; URL args that are mapped to params (cursor). Yields: dict: The event result returned. """ end_of_events = False while not end_of_events: res = self._get(path, args=args) end_of_events = res["endOfEvents"] args = {"cursor": res["nextCursor"]} yield from res["events"]