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"""Interact with all Search APIs."""
from ..common.deprecation import DeprecationDecorator
from .v1 import CensysCertificates, CensysData, CensysIPv4, CensysWebsites
from .v2 import CensysHosts

[docs]class SearchClient: """Client for interacting with all Search APIs. All indexes are passed the args and kwargs that are provided. Examples: Inits SearchClient. >>> from import SearchClient >>> c = SearchClient() Access both v1 and v2 indexes. >>> certs = c.v1.certificates # CensysCertificates() >>> data = # CensysData() >>> ipv4 = c.v1.ipv4 # CensysIPv4() >>> websites = c.v1.websites # CensysWebsites() >>> hosts = c.v2.hosts # CensysHosts() """ class _V1: """Class for v1 Search APIs.""" @DeprecationDecorator( "The v1 Search API is deprecated and will be removed in the future." ) def __init__(self, *args, **kwargs): """Inits V1.""" self.certificates = CensysCertificates(*args, **kwargs) # Alias certs to certificates self.certs = self.certificates = CensysData(*args, **kwargs) self.ipv4 = CensysIPv4(*args, **kwargs) self.websites = CensysWebsites(*args, **kwargs) class _V2: """Class for v2 Search APIs.""" def __init__(self, *args, **kwargs): """Inits V2.""" self.hosts = CensysHosts(*args, **kwargs) def __init__(self, *args, **kwargs): """Inits SearchClient.""" # Backwards compatability if len(args) == 2: kwargs["api_id"] = args[0] kwargs["api_secret"] = args[1] self.v1 = self._V1(**kwargs) self.v2 = self._V2(**kwargs)