Source code for censys.asm.client

"""Interact with the Censys Seeds, Assets, and Logbook APIs."""
from typing import Optional

from .assets import CertificatesAssets, DomainsAssets, HostsAssets
from .clouds import Clouds
from .events import Events
from .risks import Risks
from .seeds import Seeds

[docs]class AsmClient: """Client ASM API class.""" def __init__(self, api_key: Optional[str] = None, **kwargs): """Inits AsmClient. Args: api_key (str): Optional; The API Key provided by Censys. **kwargs: Arbitrary keyword arguments. """ self.seeds = Seeds(api_key, **kwargs) self.hosts = HostsAssets(api_key, **kwargs) self.certificates = CertificatesAssets(api_key, **kwargs) = DomainsAssets(api_key, **kwargs) = Events(api_key, **kwargs) self.clouds = Clouds(api_key, **kwargs) self.risks = Risks(api_key, **kwargs)