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"""Interact with the Censys Domain Assets API."""
from typing import Iterator, Optional

from .assets import Assets

[docs]class DomainsAssets(Assets): """Domains Assets API class.""" def __init__(self, *args, **kwargs): """Inits DomainsAssets. Args: *args: Variable length argument list. **kwargs: Arbitrary keyword arguments. """ super().__init__("domains", *args, **kwargs)
[docs] def get_subdomains( self, domain: str, page_number: int = 1, page_size: Optional[int] = None ) -> Iterator[dict]: """List all subdomains of the parent domain. Args: domain: (str): Parent domain to query. page_number (int): Optional; Page number to begin at when searching. page_size (int): Optional; Page size for retrieving assets. Yields: dict: The assets result returned. """ yield from self._get_page( f"{self.base_path}/{domain}/subdomains", page_number=page_number, page_size=page_size, keyword="subdomains", )