Usage v1

The Censys Search API provides functionality for interacting with Censys resources such as Data, and for viewing Account information such as query quota.

There is one API options that this library provides access to:

  • data - Returns collections of scan series whose metadata includes a description of the data collected in the series and links to the individual scan results.

More details about each option can be found in the Censys API documentation. A list of index fields can be found in the Censys API definitions page.


Please note that the Censys Search Certificates v1 API is being deprecated. Please use the CensysCerts (v2) index for this functionality.


Below we show an example using the CensysData index.

from import CensysData

c = CensysData()

# View a specific result from a specific series
result = c.view_result("ipv4_2018", "20200818")


Below we show an example using the CensysHosts index.

from import CensysHosts

c = CensysHosts()

# Gets account data
account = c.account()

# Gets account quota
quota = c.quota()